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The benefits of using social media tools to sell online are enormous. The massive audience presented by social media platforms offers increased sales prospects.  That said, it is still worthy to point that many persons are utilizing social media tools with little results. Using the wrong social media tool to sell is one reason for poor conversions. For best results, you must reach the right audience with the right social media tools. The right tool will present the exact audience for your products, thereby increasing your chances for sales. How can you determine the right tools, here are some factors to consider when deciding what social media tool to sell online.

Popular Social Media Trends

The social media tools that you need to sell online all have their trends. It is important to note whatever is trending on the social media marketing site of your choice. Social media trends go a long way in determining the performance of your business. When promoting your business online, you need to look out for the following business trends:

  • Ephemeral contents get the most views.

Ephemeral contents are those that do not stay for a long time. Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram stories are good examples. Unlike before, people no longer have the desire to pay attention to something for long. Therefore, to involve such people in your audience, you need to appeal to their minds. You can do this by posting engaging stories.

  • Niche-specific platforms will perform better.

Some niche-specific platforms have recently become quite popular. Tik Tok is a very suitable example. Tik Tok is gaining fame around the world, with its users sharing eye-catching videos. Therefore, as more people utilize these apps, your brand gains more viewers. You can make use of some other niche-specific platforms like LinkedIn, Twitch to reach your audience.

  • Likes may no longer be an Instagram feature

Soon, the feature of liking posts on Instagram may no longer be available. This new development has gone through a series of tests, and soon it will be finalized. As of now, some Instagram users are unable to view the number of likes on a post. There is an explanation for it. Most persons who post on Instagram closely watch how many likes their post gains. Instagram’s developers suggest that this is detrimental to one’s health- or so it seems.

However, if this happens, influencer marketers will no longer have a quick progress report. Then, brand owners would no longer track ROIs with ease using the method of influencer marketers. Instagram will profit from this new development as people will have to invest in ads. This change may encourage other social media platforms to do the same.

  • E-commerce on social media will boom.

Several brand owners have long used social media marketing tools to promote their business. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are some of these tools. Social Media platforms are fast becoming a retail avenue like our traditional stores. This trend will only grow as more social media platforms feature shoppable ads. Such a change benefits brands whose owners need to sell online.

  • Contents with videos shall thrive

Video contents are highly engaging. Their engaging nature gives them more views. Therefore, it is clear that soon they will dominate the online business sphere. The future of social media commerce lies in short videos as Tik Tok and Instagram stories. It also depends on long videos as on YouTube. By 2022, at least 82% of social media will be videos. If you start making use of engaging videos now, your brand will go a long way. Stories are a great way to start your video strategy.

  • Technology usage will sky-rocket

The use of technology like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (AR) will increase. As social media platforms grow, users will demand more enthralling experiences. ARs and VRs are just the tools for the job.

Facebook does this with its VR, Horizon. With Horizon, users can come together and explore a virtual world. Although VRs are still new features, we cannot say the same for ARs. You come across ARs on Snapchat and Instagram. These thrilling features are beneficial to your brand’s development.

  • Influencer marketing

Influencers are those who are paid large amounts of money for brand promotion. Such large payments imply two things:

  • The influencer market gains a lot of money
  • There is a noticeable increase in the number of influencer marketers online.

This method is cheaper than using paid ads for advertisement, and it yields results. Influencer marketers do not only get you an audience. They also help you achieve your business goals. These factors make the business of influencer marketing grow. Now brands would go with several influencers than using one celebrity.

  • Broader application of ARs

As we said earlier, Snapchat and Instagram make use of ARs. Snapchat and Instagram have become known for their successful application of ARs. What do they contribute to your business? If you run a makeup brand, you can use ARs to show your audience how your products look. Although mobile apps have offered this feature for a while, it was launched recently on Facebook. Now your makeup can be tried on by your audience through Facebook using ARs.

Your audience benefits as well this way. They no longer have to buy the wrong products. It also provides a unique shopping experience for them.

  • Personalization

When selling your brand online, you need to personalize. Examples of custom contents are Facebook ads. Facebook’s ad campaign is customized and directed at a target audience. Social media ads cannot reach every individual. However, they can make ads for several target sectors.

With advanced customization and target options, they can find the right target audience. You also see examples of ads for similar products from other brands. The ads you view from these samples will provide an insight into your preferences. With time, your ads will be curated and personalized.

You should look out for these nine popular social media trends. They are vital in selecting your marketing platform, business strategy, and ads. Finally, let us consider the cost of utilizing social media for your brand’s promotion.

Cost Of running Social Media Ads

When selecting a social media site to market on, you should consider its cost. All social media platforms vary in the services they offer and how they offer it. As such, there is a difference in their charges.

Facebook Marketing: The marketing services rendered by Facebook costs $2500-$5000 every month. Some might charge as much as $9000.

Twitter marketing: Using Twitter for your business would cost $1000-$2500. Some services Twitter offers may cost $4000.

Other social media tools like Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Pinterest cost over $1000. However, it could be more.

Facebook and Twitter cost more than other social media tools because they give more ROIs. So, when selecting your social media tool for sale, consider your budget, and ROIs.

Wrapping up

To what end have we gathered this knowledge? Now, we know those sites that should come to mind when you consider social media marketing. We know what our market strategy using these sites should be. We have seen in this article, some trends to consider before making a choice. Remember, you need to consider your budget and ROIs as well. Now, choosing the social media tool you need to sell online should be much easy.