Mail Distribution Services

What is Direct Mail Distribution Services ?

This is a distinct services rendered to both business and individuals, mailed and processed in bulk at reduced rates to large group of potential clients, customers, wedding guest, special invitation, VIP invitations, etc.

At Esson Solutions, we provide exclusive mail distribution services, with timely delivery and excellent customer service. We provide you with the support and knowledge you require to meet your targets and delivery. Our solution can deliver effective and cost efficient direct mail campaigns, wherever your customers are located.

Mail Distribution Services is used to:

  • Advertise new products or services, giveaways, etc.
  • Distribute invitation cards for special events, grand openings, and awards.
  • Send coupons letter, promotional materials, and special offers

We’ve been in business for over 3 years, and in that time we’ve developed a comprehensive local network.

  • Save Time  
    We can design, print, and mail all at once.  There is no need to waste time going to different places and explaining things over and over again.  Right after we print your order, we deliver it directly for you.  You can share your letters, catalogs, invitations, etc to your customers and clients faster.
  • Save Money:
    Available discounts on your order when you send over 50 pieces.  We have a bulk mailing rate used exclusively for our customers.
  • Gain exposure:
    If you’re in business, you can reach wide range of you demographic through our Mail Distribution Services in Lagos.
  • Target Those More Likely to Buy:
    Our Mail Distribution Services in Lagos allow companies to target an audience that is more likely for conversion and retaining returning customers.

Prepare a Targeted Mailing List

  • Compile your mailing list.
  • Send mailing list with file formats that includes (.xsl, .xsls, .csv)
  • Details to include: Recipient Names or Company Name, Street Address, City, State, Phone Number.

Send in your Design 

Options:  Hire a professional graphic designer or we can design to your needs.

We can print catalogs, newsletters, brochures, flyers and letters you want to mail.

Pricing & Rates

Our minimum order for Mail Distribution Services is 20 pieces.

Each Piece = 650 NGN

Address: 5 Adepele Street, Suite 37, Ikeja, Lagos

Tel: 0803 896 8986